• Accuflow Uro

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Accuflow Uro

Accuflow Uro is a uroflowmetry device used to measure the urine flow over time and allows a rapid and non-invasive analysis of the flow rate. 

Parameters such as Voided volume (S), Flow average (Qavg), Maximum flow (Qmax), Voiding time (S), Flow time (s) and Hesitancy time (S) are measured from the test.

Uroflowmetry is a simple and one of the most useful investigations in the assessment of voiding dysfunction.

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Compact and easy to use


High precision load sensor 


Wireless and real-time data acqusition 


Generation of detailed reports with nomograms


Pre-configured diagnosis codes


User-friendly application

Accuflow Uro

Check out Accuflow Uro

Check out Accuflow Uro

Comprehensive Reports 

Provision to view the detailed patient test reports. Wirelessly print or share the generated report via e-mail or other applications. 

Prompt Visual Alarms

Audio and visual alarm indication on the application to alert the user at the right time. 

Comprehensive Reports
Quick Setup

Quick Setup 

Automatically pairs with the device via bluetooth.Provision to verify the device to ensure high performance accuracy.  

Modes of Operation

Manual and Automatic modes are available. Automatic Start / Stop feature ensures quick and hassle-free testing. Manual mode allows calculation of hesitancy.  

Gender based Nomograms 

Reports are provided with Nomogram for easy interpretation. Supports Siroky, Liverpool and Bristol Nomograms. 

Comprehensive Reports
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