Accuflow Drip Monitor monitors the gravity infusion and alerts the caregivers during critical conditions. Being a Wi-Fi enabled device, the caregiver can view the infusion parameters and alarms remotely from the comfort of the nursing desk.

Accuflow Drip Monitor is a critical component in infusion management and helps to deliver better patient care.

Product Features

Accuflow Drip Monitor-remote monitoring

Remote Monitoring Feature helps the nurses to continuously monitor the infusion status.

Dashboard displays infusion status of all the monitoring devices along with the device status chart. Critical alarm conditions are colour-coded and displayed to alert the user in real-time.

What More

Infusion Audit Reports
Automatically generated report records the infusion status across patient timeline and across multiple patients.

Nurse assist Reports
Drip rate calculator, Drop counter and medication scheduler are provided to help the nurses in their day-to-day activities.