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vTitan Corporate

About Us

vTitan, a multinational company based out of Chennai, India, is engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sales of innovative world-class medical devices in critical care space that would aid hospitals in improving patient outcomes.

vTitan, is currently involved in developing the technologically advanced, cost-effective next-generation products and solutions for the global market.

vTitan's Competitive Advantage includes

  • IP in medication delivery products
  • Expertise in design and manufacture of proprietary medical devices
  • In-house R&D / manufacturing capability with global supply chain
  • Established and experienced Distribution channels
  • Superior after sales support


To be a leader in the development of cost-effective next-generation intelligent, closed-loop controlled SMART syringe and infusion pumps in the near term and to establish vTitan as one of the leading medical device R&D, manufacturing and distribution company for global markets including a global distribution footprint.


Our mission is to improve the quality and safety of medical care and make it affordable by bringing in cost-effective innovations and application of latest engineering and technology advancements in critical care.