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vTitan PRoducts

ICU Automation Solution

Medical Devices Interoperability

ICU Automation Solution is a hardware-cum-software solution which provides connectivity to your critical care medical devices with tools for the caregivers to monitor devices and gather data continuously in the hospital environment. ICU Automation Solution brings all relevant device data into single patient dashboard and enables caregivers to focus on patient care rather than worry about connected devices status. This also makes the critical care environment safer and hospital workflows more efficient.

A Smart, Secure and safety Interoperability platform.

  • Connect
  • Collect
  • Monitor/View
  • Analyze (Act & Annotate)
  • Report

Product Key Features

  • ICU devices Monitoring
  • Vendor Neutral and interoperable
  • Augments bedside patient Diagnosis
  • Smart Alarm Management
  • Role-based Dashboard View
  • Healthcare Data Analytics
  • Nurse Workload Optimization
  • Seamless integration of Medical Device data with Patient Demographics