Wireless Drip Monitor

Intravenous infusion is frequently used in the hospitals and IV clinics for patients’ management and treatments such as dehydration, surgical operations and post-operative patient care. Gravity based infusion is the most common form of infusion therapy. It works by delivering fluid containing medications, minerals and nutrients from an elevated infusion bag to the patient through an infusion system.

Accuflow Drip Monitor is an infusion monitoring device to monitor the gravity infusion and helps to deliver better patient care.

Gravity IV Infusion Challenges

  • Lack of real-time knowledge of status of IV infusion, often patient or patient attendant has to inform the attending nurse whether the IV bag is empty or there is patient discomfort
  • No mechanism to monitor and intervene in a timely manner
  • No alert during critical conditions such as back flow of blood, air embolism and / or any other life threatening conditions in patients
  • Manual monitoring of large number of patients and their IV schedules is a stressful factor for attending medical personnel
  • Manual calculation of infusion rates and managing proper dosing of medications is error prone, which can be avoided using smart automation tools
  • Lack of record keeping of patient's IV dosing schedule for later assessment

Accuflow Drip Monitor is a wireless IV monitor that remotely manages gravity infusions and alerts care givers during critical conditions such as occlusion and emptying of bag. It helps in delivering safe, secure and accurate gravity infusion therapy to patients. Apart from being a beneficial tool in hospital wards, it is also a critical tool in OT and Neonatal sections where accuracy and timely intervention is an absolute must.

IV Drip Monitor - Features

  • Monitor Multiple Infusions

    Monitors the infusion therapy of multiple patients in real-time remotely.
  • IV Sets Compatibility

    Compatible with all IV sets in any environment. Supports single and dual chamber IVs.
  • Remote Nurse Kiosk

    Ergonomically designed, ease to use, nurse friendly kiosk tablet with alarm, task and configuration management.
  • Nurse Assist Tools

    Drip rate calculator, drop counter and medication scheduler tools to improve nurses’ productivity.

  • Drop Sensing Technology

    Reliable and accurate drop sensing technology to monitor the gravity infusion precisely.
  • Display Parameters

    Flow rate, Drip rate, Volume infused, Drop count, Duration.
  • Infusion Audit Reports

    Automatically generated report records the infusion status across patient timeline and across multiple patients.
  • Battery Backup

    Rechargeable Li-ion battery with operating time of upto 24 hrs.


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