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vTitan product Accuflow Compact Syringe Pump for IVIG and pain management therapy

Compact Syringe Pump

vTitan's product, Accuflow Thala Pump, is used to do iron chelation therapy for thalassemia patients

Accuflow Thala Pump

De Thromb Pump to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis

Deep Vein thrombosis

Accuflow Drip Monitor device with display indicating gravity infusion parameters of drip rate and flow rate

Accuflow Drip Monitor

vTitan product Accuflow ​VE Syringe Pump with syringe loaded and display showing the monitoring parameters

Accuflow Syringe Pump

vTitan Accuflow Uro device for Uroflowmetry test

Accuflow Uro

IntelliICU monitoring software dashboard for ICU devices


Highnoon PAM machine to point out laser on the body


Hearty Patch cardiac monitor device for ECG monitoring

Cardiac monitor

What we offer

Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy involves controlled administration of drugs, fluids and medications through non-oral routes. Continuous monitoring and targeted drug delivery improve the efficacy of such therapy. IV monitoring and infusion delivery systems are designed to serve this purpose.

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Accuflow Drip Monitor device with display indicating infusion parameters of drip rate and flow rate refers Monitoring devices


Continuous monitoring and reporting help the healthcare professionals to make data-driven clinical decisions and thereby provide the right care to the right patient at the right time.
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Radiology entails an image guided intervention which requires a minimally invasive procedure, and helps in early diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Our CT guided needle insertion tool is designed to position the needle accurately within minimal time, thereby reducing radiation exposure.
A modern CT scan machine that refers to the department of Radiology
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Intelligent Hospital Solutions

A system of interlocked medical devices allows hospital caregivers to monitor multiple patients simultaneously through a single platform. This unified dashboard consolidates critical parameters, alarms, and other patient details for quick action, thus enhancing clinical outcomes.

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What we do

Imagine a new generation of healthcare technology where intelligent software drives mission-critical hardware. Safety and efficiency are built into its very core.

At vTitan, we are pioneering a new era of healthcare solutions by innovating cutting edge medical devices and equipment. Our path-breaking research and development work has empowered us to create products that pave the way for India's self-reliance in healthcare technology. We constantly push the boundaries of healthcare engineering and create advanced patented technologies to produce smarter, safer and affordable critical care products. 

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