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Electronic Stethoscope
  • Electronic Stethoscope

    Redefining Acoustic Excellence

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Electronic Stethoscope

Introducing E-Steth (Electronic Stethoscope), a state-of-the-art medical device that seamlessly integrates digital technology with the traditional acoustic stethoscope model. Specifically designed for medical diagnostic purposes, E-Steth is a versatile tool applicable to individuals undergoing physical assessments. Its primary function lies in the detection and amplification of heart and lung sounds, employing selective frequency filtering for an enhanced preliminary diagnosis of abnormal conditions.

Digital Precision

Adjustable Volume

Frequency Filtering

Recording and Storage

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Electronic Stethoscope

Digital Precision: Harnesses digital technology and provides precise and detailed audio output, surpasses the capabilities of traditional stethoscopes.

Adjustable Volume: Tailor your listening experience with adjustable volume feature, ensures clarity and comfort during diagnostic assessments.

Frequency Filtering: Utilizing advanced frequency filtering, refines the detection process, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on specific sound ranges for a more accurate diagnosis.

Recording and Storage: Captures and stores audio recordings with ease. This feature facilitates ongoing monitoring, progression tracking, and collaboration among healthcare providers.

Bluetooth Connectivity: Seamlessly transmit data to an Android application via Bluetooth, enhancing the accessibility and efficiency of sharing audio recordings for further analysis.

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