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    Drip Monitor

    Smart IV Infusion monitor

Accuflow Drip Monitor

The Accuflow Drip Monitor tracks gravity infusion and alerts the caregivers during critical conditions. As a Wi-Fi enabled device, it allows the caregiver to view the infusion parameters and alarms remotely from the comfort of the nursing desk.

Accuflow Drip Monitor is a critical component in infusion management and helps deliver better patient care.

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Precise IV monitoring


Critical alarms display


Reliable drop sensing


Remote monitoring solution


Easy tracking mechanism

Easy to use and straps onto drip chamber effortlessly

Remote, wireless IV monitoring

Supports single and dual chamber IV sets

Compatible with all IV sets in any environment

Display parameters– Flow rate, Drip rate, Volume infused, Drop count, Duration

Long-lasting, rechargeable Li-ion battery 

Drip Monitor

Remote Nurse Kiosk

Ergonomically designed, easy to use, nurse-friendly kiosk tablet with alarm, task and configuration management

Nurse Assist Tools

Drip rate calculator, drop counter and medication scheduler tools to improve nurses’ productivity

Drop Counter
Patient Infusion Management

Infusion Audit Reports

Automatically generated reports record the infusion status across patient timeline and across multiple patients

Patient Infusion Management

Configurable solution for managing and scheduling multiple patients' infusion therapies, ensuring right dose to the right patient at the right time

Accuflow Drip Monitor
​for COVID-19 assistance


Easy to use


Requires low maintenance


Provides remote monitoring solution


Ensures minimal contact between nurses and patients


Facilitates regulatory compliance of the hospital

Drip Monitor
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