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Cardiac Monitor
  • Cardiac Monitor

    Revolutionizing ECG Monitoring for a 

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Cardiac Monitor

A state-of-the-art ambulatory cardiac monitoring device designed to revolutionize ECG monitoring for patients. This battery-operated, reusable electronic module seamlessly snaps over a disposable electrode patch, affixed to the upper left chest surface in a modified lead-II orientation for precise ECG monitoring.

User-Friendly Design

Continuous Monitoring

Symptom Marking Capability

Visual Indicator for Device Status

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User-Friendly Design: Designed for ease of use, with a simple and intuitive setup that ensures patient comfort during ambulatory ECG monitoring.

Continuous Monitoring: Offers an unparalleled advantage with its ability to provide continuous heart monitoring for an extended period of seven days. Ensures a comprehensive and uninterrupted assessment of your cardiac health, allowing for a more thorough understanding of your heart's activity over time.

Symptom Marking Capability: Incorporated into the device module is a convenient button on the top surface, empowering patients to mark and register specific symptoms they may experience during the recording period.

Visual Indicator for Device Status: A top-mounted LED light serves as a visual indicator, providing real-time feedback on the device's status for both patients and healthcare professionals.

Comprehensive Data Collection: The device module not only captures ECG and R-R interval data but goes beyond by incorporating patient activity monitoring. This includes tracking activity levels (active, idle), fall detection, and posture detection for a holistic patient profile. 

Wireless Data Transmission: Utilizing cutting-edge technology, the Hearty Patch wirelessly transmits collected data to a dedicated mobile/web application platform. This ensures seamless connectivity and accessibility for both patients and healthcare professionals.

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