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    Thala Pump

    A helping hand to fight Thalassemia

Accuflow Thala Pump

Accuflow Thalassemia Pump, is the first of its kind to be conceptualized and manufactured in India. With a focus on enhancing patient safety, simplicity of use, and overall comfort, we have crafted the Accuflow Thalassemia Pump to seamlessly integrate into daily activities while ensuring precision in medication delivery.

The Accuflow Thalassemia Pump is designed to provide reliable infusion for thalassemia patients. It infuses iron chelating agents with an easy-to-use programmable interface and control mechanism.

The compact syringe pump is ideal for both home care and clinical setting. The syringe pump ensures increased patient safety through the built-in alarm feature to detect and alert the users.
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Compact and easy to use

Lock functionality

Simple priming procedure

Visual and audio alarms

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Thalassemia blood cells


Thalassemia, a hereditary blood disorder, leads to a significant decrease in hemoglobin production within red blood cells, causing anemic, tiredness and paleness. Anemia results from a shortage of healthy red blood cells capable of carrying oxygen, impacting overall health by reducing oxygen delivery to vital organs.


The primary treatment for Thalassemia involves regular blood transfusions to replenish healthy red blood cells, alleviating anemia and improving oxygen transport throughout the body.

Iron chelation therapy is another critical aspect of thalassemia care, especially for those receiving frequent blood transfusions. Over time, excess iron can accumulate in the body, posing health risks. Iron chelation therapy involves medications that bind to excess iron in the blood, necessitating a customized infusion lasting 10 to 12 hours based on factors like the patient's weight, height, and iron levels. The drug desferal is commonly prescribed for iron chelation therapy, and desferal syringe pumps are used for desferal drug administration in a home care setting.

To facilitate this therapy, desferal syringe pumps are used, allowing patients to remain mobile and continue their daily routines during treatment. The desferal syringe pump controls the rate of Iron chelation medication delivery, enhancing the quality of life for Thalassemia patients by enabling them to lead more typical, active lives while managing their essential medical care.

Accuflow Thala Pump's Vital Role in Indian Healthcare

Thalassemia impacts 4 in every 10,000 live births globally, with over 4 million carriers in India alone. Accuflow Thalassemia Pump is a significant leap forward in providing specialized care for Thalassemia patients. From compact portability to intuitive controls, every aspect is meticulously engineered to enhance the patient experience and streamline treatment.

Why Accuflow Thala Pump?

Compact and easy to use:

Accuflow Thala pump, crafted for user comfort, effortlessly blends into daily routines. Its simple portability allows patients to carry the pump with ease during the 10-12 hour therapy, improving the home-based care experience.

Simple priming procedure:

Ensuring uninterrupted infusions, the pump incorporates a straightforward priming procedure. Designed for easy understanding by both patients and caregivers, it enhances the simplicity of the infusion process.

Rechargeable Battery:

Accuflow Thala Pump comes with a rechargeable battery. With an impressive 40-hour continuous working capacity on a single charge and a quick recharge time of 3-4 hours, it sets a new standard for efficiency in home-based care.

Lock functionality:

Prioritizing patient safety, especially for young users, our secure lock feature ensures the safeguarding of the infusion process. This provides peace of mind for both patients and caregivers throughout usage.

Visual and audio alarms:

The Accuflow Thala pump stands out with its essential safety feature – visual and audio alarms. These alerts for occlusion, syringe near end, disengaged syringe, low battery, depleted battery, and unit malfunction ensure users stay informed about their therapy.
Accuflow Thala Pump, is used to do iron chelation therapy for thalassemia patients

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