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  • IntelliICU

    Intelligent ICU Monitoring And Automation Solution


IntelliICU is a hardware-cum-software solution which provides connectivity to your critical care medical devices with tools for the caregivers to monitor devices and gather data continuously in the hospital environment.

Smart ICU solution brings all relevant device data into single patient dashboard and enables caregivers to focus on patient care rather than worry about connected devices status. This also makes the critical care environment safer and hospital workflows more efficient.

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Nurse workload optimization

Remote view and management

Unified patient dashboard

Smart alarm management

Enhanced clinical collaboration

Paperless ICU

Manage Progress Notes

Provides patient-wise progress notes editor, nurse can judiciously record the instructions from intensivists and consultant doctors and provide effective medical interventions 

Parameters of Concern

Allows doctors and nurses to customize the user interface, option to choose the parameters of concern based on the patient care needs, helps in ascertaining the prognosis

Manage Progress Notes
Efficient Record Maintenance

Real Time Video Feed

Option to view the real time video feed of the patient to closely monitor the patient’s physical state and provide necessary medical intervention

Efficient Record Maintenance

Maintains intensivists’ and consultant doctors’ instructions, treatment plan, various medical reports, critical parameters with timestamp for future reference and regulatory compliance

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