Tackling the crisis head on

Healthcare professionals are the frontline warriors in battling the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Their exposure to COVID patients is high, and so are the risks of infection. This highlights the need for reduced contact between the patient and healthcare professionals. This can be made possible with the right set of automation and monitoring tools.
The IV infusion has proved to be an essential in the COVID wards. However, infusion pumps are in short supply and hospitals are grappling to fulfill its increasing demand.

The Accuflow Drip Monitor helps resolve this problem and provide better patient care across wards. It monitors the infusion parameters such as drip rate, drop count, flow rate and volume infused.

Further, it alerts the nursing staff to critical conditions like occlusion, high flow rate and emptied IV bags.
In addition to this, the Accuflow Drip Monitor's remote monitoring solutions enable the care providers to monitor the patients from the comfort of their nursing station. This allows them to manage their workload even with a large influx of patients, without losing sight of other critical tasks.

World Health Organization

The WHO guidelines for “Priority medical devices in the context of COVID-19”, released in April 2020, recommend using an electronic drop counter for infusion therapy.

The Accuflow drip monitor functions as a 99% accurate electronic drop counter that can also alert caregivers during critical conditions.

Accuflow Drip Monitor
​for COVID-19 assistance


Easy to use


Requires low maintenance


Provides remote monitoring solution


Ensures minimal contact between nurses and patients


Facilitates regulatory compliance of the hospital

Drip Monitor

NCFT for non-contact temperature measurements


Ready to use


Eliminates contact


Facilitates quick temperature checks


Detects abnormal temperature conditions

Physical Distancing

Clinicians and healthcare providers handle a large number of COVID-19 patients everyday. Maintaining the norms of physical distancing can be challenging during such situations.


The Accuflow Drip Monitor helps you minimize prolonged interaction at the patient's bedside during IV monitoring.
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