• Non-contact Forehead Thermometer

    Quick and accurate temperature measurement for all ages

    Non-contact Forehead Thermometer

Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Non-contact Forehead Thermometer (NCFT) is a temperature screening device used to measure the body temperature of the patient without any contact. The device is intended for hospitals, and industrial and office health screenings.

Body temperature monitoring is essential as it serves as a useful indicator to detect changes in a person’s clinical condition. NCFTs are used to reduce the risks of cross-contamination and control the spread of diseases.

One-second quick reading


Accurate measurement


Non-contact screening


Body/surface temperature modes


Temperature unit toggle


Memory storage 32 readings

Press the trigger switch once to power-on the NCFT device.

Position the device at or up to 5 cm away from the center of the forehead, just between the eyebrows.

Press the trigger switch and release it. The screen will display the temperature reading with the appropriate backlight color.